I Am More Than _____.

There is more to being Filipino than what you can see, hear, and read. In a series of videos, “I Am More Than____.” attempts to bring to life the untold stories of our community. The video series features the interviews and stories of the many community members that have been impacted by their Filipino identity.

Watch their stories unfold as our members share how Filipino organizations at the University of Washington has shaped their lives.

Release Date: November 2017
Watch on UW FASA YouTube Channel

On the Shoulders of Historic Ates & Kuyas

Walk in the footsteps of previous Ates and Kuyas of all the Filipino organizations established since 1917 in the University of Washington Seattle community. See the faces of those who have kept alive the Filipino culture, awareness in politics, committed to the social advancement of one another, and the support in academic achievements. Recognize the obstacles that were overcome to make possible the opportunities we have today to become successful Filipino students and Filipino community leaders.

However, the stories are incomplete. This project will honor our past legacy by documenting the achievements of past and current Filipino members and leaders who have helped achieve our 100 year milestone at the University of Washington Seattle campus. Our stories will be made known and remembered through years to come in the final product of a published visual book.

All purchases of the book will go towards the FASA sa UW scholarship fund.

100 Years of FIlipino Legacy Art Project

To commemorate the presence of Filipinos at the University of Washington Seattle campus, we will be dedicating two projects that will serve as a visual mounted landmark on campus.

In collaboration with the university, a plaque will be planted on campus to honor our centennial year. To further our mark, we will be working with members of the community to create a large painting to be permanently installed on campus that celebrates our 100 years.

Join us in our collaborative effort to plant a mark on the University of Washington Seattle campus. We are resilient people and will continue to persevere in our efforts to support our Filipino community and future and current students to come.