Kuya, Ate, and Ading Program (KAAP) is a mentorship program geared towards Filipino and Filipino American college students. Underclassmen and upperclassmen have the opportunity to share experiences and perspectives to foster social growth and academic excellence in the UW.

FASA All-Stars is FASA’s intramural sports team. Brought back this Centennial year by popular demand, FASA All-Stars is a space where members can bond and compete in sports they would like to play.

FASA Formal is an annual social event where you can forget about school for one night and dance the night away (maybe with that special someone!) Invite your friends, dress your best, and do what Filipinos do best: DANCE!

FASA Barbecue is the last big FASA shindig of the year! Come play capture the flag and eat some masarap picnic food cooked by your officers. Soak up the sun with us as we celebrate the end of the school year!

Didn’t get enough of FASA during the school year? Head down to the beach with us over the summer in FASA Shores! This is a group day-trip to Ocean Shores

Filipino Day

Filipino Day acts as a student orientation specialized for Filipino American high schoolers. The workshops and the speakers advise students on college life and give a preview of topics they are able to learn more about when in college. It's purpose is to give students a chance to connect with our tight-knit Filipino community on campus, to interact with students who have been through the college application and transition process, and network with Filipino faculty and alumni that have inspired our community.

Filipino Graduation

Filipino Graduation is a special event hosted by FASA sa UW to honor our graduates of the University of Washington. Complete with food and guest speakers, this graduation ceremony is meant to recognize the accomplishments and hard work of the graduating members of FASA sa UW as well as any graduate that identifies as Filipino/Filipino American.